30s of the 20th century were the time of heroic aviation and aviation heroes. For the first time since then there will be a new milestone – project “RUSSIA 360”. We will try to cross the vast territory of Russia in both ends, using only light-weighted single-engine helicopter. That will be a challenging task, since Robinson Helicopter R66 Turbine hasn’t yet been seriously time-tested and risky conditions. It’s a new model of helicopters, and we’re proud to be the first to accept that challenge. Considering that, we can say that project will be the first real test for the helicopter and the crew. There are two members of the flighting crew, and none of them is a professional pilot. Captain – Mr. Igor Gurzhuenko – is a private pilot, who had found his hobby of aviation and helicopters in 2009, aged 47. He currently has 800 flight hours experience, half of which are helicopter’s. 200 of them – on Robinson R66 helicopter. Second crew member – Mr. Viktor Sidelnikov – flight navigator and engineer – hasn’t received flight license yet, but he has a sound base experience. The length of the whole route will be about 30 000 kilometers, and the most part of it will take place over the wastelands, uninhabited, hard-accessible regions of Siberia, polar regions, Kamchatka. Considering all of the above, you can call us “completely crazy”, but we’d like to call ourselves brave adventurers, risky and daring, who are not afraid to face the troubles and proud to be the first big names in history of modern aviation.