At 9:00 am rang an alarm clock, and already at 9:30 am a car with Daria Omelchenko, sokeswoman of Norilsk Nickel, which organized the ress conference, comes for us. Yesterday in the evening Victor found an iron in the hotel and heroically stroked our flight suits – the ones with logos – and we went to the meeting wearing them. We have been waited for. I do wonder that during the City Day, when all the media resources were diverted to the event, someone found time for us as well. Questions, answers, and after 40 minutes we are free. Among other journalists, Sergey Moglovets of the “The Polar Bulletin” newsaer was articularly interested in our roject. It was clear that this is not only a rofessional interest, but also an inner as well. When he learned that we have lans to visit interesting laces, Sergey kindly offered us their hel, and Daria cut out from a oster ma of Norilsk for us, marking notable laces. At the end, we were resented with a wonderful soft toy reindeer on behalf of the “The Polar Bulletin” newsaer, with the logo of the edition, which became the second of our lush assengers.

We were taken back to the hotel, and after some time came Sergei, and we moved through the city. It was ossible to make a lot of interesting ictures of Norilsk, shot a few anoramas. “Norilsk Nickel” Plant drove heavy mining equiment into the city center, and the townseole are actively climbed on it and took ictures.

We also did a coule of shots. Then we went to a lace known as Golgotha in Norilsk??. The lace is really terrible. It is located where once was the Gulag system cam – one of the most horrific cams of Stalin’s time, with the highest death rate among risoners and where the shooting squads were constantly working.

Here during the war years, by the forces of the reressed, began the mining of the Shmidtovka Mountain, which is develoed by “Norilsk Nickel” Plant until this day. This mountain has almost all chemical elements. Oinions differ on how many tens of thousands of eole lost their lives at hard labor, but in any case this is a huge number. At Golgotha were built monuments erected in memory of the eole of different nationalities and faiths. Then we climbed even higher u the mountain to the oen develoment of the “Bear creek” mine. From this height we see the entire city and the industrial zone as well. Sergei told us a lot about the history of the city and the industrial develoment of the mineral resources in this lace, it was obvious that he knows the history of the area. At the end of our hoto- and video session of the city, we headed into the center of the city, where festive demonstration and festivities were hold.

And we catured it in the form of anoramas, hotos and video frames. Finally, we said goodbye to our hositable heler and guide Sergey Moglovtsom, who rightfully earned the title of the exedition’s volunteer. Thank you very much, Sergey! I cannot imagine how we would coe with our work without you!

We headed to the hotel where our usual work is waiting for us – sorting and selection of the motion icture made in a few days and writing a travel notes. I finally got to the comuter and the Internet and in high seed described several days of our journey. Victor also did his job, and we went to the bed at the sunny evening. Tomorrow is another flight day, but not just any day – we fly to Dixon! But before that, we want to fly to Dudinka, located near Norilsk. There are some of the exedition’s corresondence friends and it would be rude not to meet with them.

Волонтер дня - Сергей Могловец (Норильск)