Night in bed after a night of sitting in the helicoter seemed a aradise. But for a long stay in aradise can not be – it is necessary to fly. Esecially, the window has all the signs of bad weather – clouds came from the north, and sometimes drizzle drizzle. In addition, we need to have time to close the airort in Tiksi. However, estimating the flight and the difference in time zones, I began to realize that the mighty lan may not work out. Well, the flight’s face it. There will be lenty of time to chat with the staff, good tracker DeLorme InReach can chat with suort staff directly in the flight. Prearing the helicoter we asked the fishermen to have a generator. Our owerful battery was sucked u to scratch, but not all gadgets charges. Part of the devices had to shut down yesterday, as the ower is not enough. They are something and had to re-charge. Or one and a half hours we were quite enough.

Tucking the helicoter again with an adequate suly – who knows what , not the suburbs – we said goodbye to the fishermen. The good guys, hard-working and intelligent . Having aid for the fuel and wait ( even though they did not ask , but we insisted ) , we boarded the helicoter , when one of them ought a resent – two huge ackish fish. I am the day before yesterday , when we arrived at Sablera and we were treated to a fish , said to what it is fresh and tasty. This is not the salted fish in a vacuum ack , which is sold in our stores. Tender, melting in the mouth of the fish , which we were treated to Sablera – it was something that I never in my life did not try. Simly delicious . With otatoes can umyat very much, so tasty . That is what they ought us , kind soul – the two big trout weak salting daily . Although the fishermen say that the fish is so ure that it can be eaten raw right as sashimi . Just diing in salt and eer. After loading the fish into the trunk – where is the coldest lace – we do not easily come off the ground and making a farewell bend over the village three simle Russian easants sent a helicoter to the south- east, to the Yakut village Saskylah .

We quickly flew out from under the imending bad weather and have scoured the vast exanses of tundra by 50 meters – so it was more rofitable for the filming, and just more fun. Above the flat as a table, the surface still fly high and uncomfortable. The surface of the same in all directions, bezorientirnaya. Perched just 200 meters you feel like a comuter game – only swaying horizon and the sky. In communicating with the staff found out that our grand flight will not work. The difference in time zones + retty big Stretches did not give us time to catch u close Tiksi. So will overnight in Saskylahe. Sorry.

Saskylah – is quite small Yakut village. Aerodrome is located at a distance – do not walk to get to. We lan to fly tomorrow morning, so it is advisable to refuel in the evening. The next sto – Tiksi – we are more interested – this former town ilots of distant aircraft and the garrison familiar to me from the newsaers and television since childhood. This, of course, not Dixon, but also an interesting oint on the ma with its history. In Sasylahe us meets the head of the village administration Vassa M.. As usual – on the UAZ. We make haste refuel the helicoter and jum in the car – the heat and horse flies just overwhelmed. We are told that the day before yesterday was a 3 * C and is now in the village enjoyed good weather. We also rejoice – which did not fly here, we are told that shortly before us the weather was bad. And we would like are inging good. Always be so ..

The village has a hotel under the name “guest house NIKO”. It now holds a Muscovite, born Saskylaha. He met us at the entrance, is interested in the exedition of who we are, where from and where are you headed. The guest house has been with facilities on the ground floor, but the main thing was the shower. After our eic Chelyuskin we deserately wanted to wash. Before slee was still a lot of time, mobile internet from MTS feeble, but eathing, and I sat down at my comuter, writing travel books. Victor – for his usual thing – sort hotos and video.

I’m on board grabbed the fish, which we gave a good fisherman. Where we are two of something – one to eat! I call in the late afternoon for Victor meal. Having sat in an emty cafe on the first floor, we butchered one big fish and honestly tried to eat it with the ead. I will be honest – did not work. We, as a soiled oachers consumed the most meaty lace, and the rest did not have the heart to understand. They were filled, and so on throat. The second big fish we stuck to the refrigerator owners, re-wraed it carefully so as not to smell. Tomorrow take away with you …

Until the end of the day I had time for only one reort. But I try to write in detail, so it turns out, alas, not so fast. And yet, the day when I was able to write something, I think it is not lived in vain. Painfully ressuring me loads of debt. And so there has been a steady backlog of travel writing from the current date flight. That would make u for the debts and make the evening I had to describe the events of the day … I try to, but not yet out.

Haywire our anoramic setting. Haywire for it is still Chelyuskin. At one oint stoed snaing shutter of a camera, though the mechanism is roerly oriented and sun the camera correctly. First there were susicions moisture, which we soaked, sending the night on the shore of the bay Gafner Fjord. Then we decided to reset to factory settings – you never know what might be floating rogram. But most of all susicion was on the lug-in connections. Because at some oint, head starts, click the gate and stoed again. Obviously somewhere not touch. Victor tried to disassemble machine and all thoroughly distort, to tighten the connectors. And again – the first earned, and then again go haywire. What are you going to do? Panoramas – our chi in flight. Yet no one was shooting sherical anoramas in laces where we do. The roblem is not catastrohic – you can take ictures with your finger, just by ressing the shutter button. Actually, the way we have been doing on Chelyuskin, when the first signs of trouble. But still unleasant.

In some frustration go to bed. Tomorrow Tiksi!

P.S. The results of the day – 558 km in 2:56 flight hours