Our goals

To create an audio-visual content of the far and hard-accessible regions of Russia, based on high-res foto and video materials. Our goals are nature, cities, towns and villages, people and local points of interest
фото- и видеосъемка
To set some new records in aviation sport, as well as to fix our priorities in some particular geographical points of Russia
To collect ethnographical information in order to take a picture of modern live of the airdromes, located in the far regions of Russia, as well as to point out problems of the civil aviation development in Russia.

Why «Russia 360» project is unique

«Russia 360» is a unique event – there were nothing like that neither in the history of aviation, nor in the modern history of Russia. Even though that’s a private project, the expedition will be an important and interesting event in 2013 in Russia.

Why «Russia 360» project is important

For aviation:

To show possibility of use of modern light aircraft in the region of the Far North, Kamchatka and Siberia. To assign priorities of distant flights to the Russian private pilots.

For Russia:

This expedition will have an important educational role. Most people of our country has an image of northern lands of Russian, based on old black-and-white pictures made in the middle of the 20th century. During “RUSSIA 360” expedition we intend to get unique photo and video materials, high-res photos and videos, using modern gadgets. All hard-accessable remote regions are going to be filmed. Also we suppose to issue a book and a movie about this expedition. These results will be interesting not only for specialists, but for kids as well. Kids will be able to learn more about Geography and History of their native country.

For the world:

“RUSSIA 360” helicopter expedition aims to consolidate prestige of the russian federation as an aviation State, to create and develop the aviation tourism market in Russia, as well as to form positive image of Russia in the opinion of foreign tourists and investors. Expedition will make the contribution to presense of russia in the Arctic.